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Care & Cleaning

Enjoy the warmth and beauty of the classic shearling tradition in contemporary ethnic designs by Cindy Spolek of Santa Fe, NM.

These sumptuous sheepskin coats and vests feature colorful hand printed suede trims, handwoven fabrics and bead-weaving from around the world, hand lacing, quilting, and coordinating buttons.

experience these classic shapes by this distinguished designer together with the inherent qualities of this versatile and durable natural fiber.


  • For minor spot cleaning use cold water, clean sponge, and a small drop of baby shampoo, rinse and let dry. Brush with soft bristle brush if necessary.

  • Oil and minor grease stains can be removed by rubbing spot with dry cornstarch. let sit for 24 hours. Remove cornstarch by brushing with soft bristle brush on suede, or rubbing with clean, damp sponge on smooth leather finish.

  • For major cleaning use only a leather care professional. Do not use conventional dry cleaning methods.

  • Store your shearling garment in a cool dry environment covered with cloth or paper - never cover it with plastic. Shearling is porous and should be allowed to breathe. Always hang the garment on a wide hanger to retain its proper shape.

With proper care your shearling will have a long life, so preserve and enjoy it!

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